Belmont Health Centre opens after £2m refurbishment

  • 18th December 2023

Major upgrades have made the building more efficient and comfortable for staff and patients

Belmont Health Centre in Harrow, north west London, has opened after undergoing a £2m refurbishment scheme, cementing greater health outcomes for the community.

Acting as one of three major hubs in the region, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) completed the works in partnership with Harrow Council and North West London Integrated Care Board.

Two of the previous GP practices – Belmont and Enterprise – merged together and became Belmont Health Centre Practice, with The Circle Practice still operating.

Both practices are now better placed to offer a greater range of primary care services, including a spirometry service.

The 998sq m facility also hosts an out-of-hours service, operated by Harrow Health, and to ameliorate previous accessibility issues, automated doors and lower reception counters have been installed.

And window upgrades, lower roof insulation and re-waterproofing, and LED lighting has not only reduced energy consumption, but also increased the previous EPC rating from a Level D to a Level B.

In ddition, patient rooms have expanded from 24 to 29 – including four newly -created clinical spaces that were previously vacant.

The remaining clinical and admin spaces on the ground floor and staff facilities on the first floor have also been refurbished.

The health centre was built in the 70s and was unfit for purpose prior to the improvements

As part of the works infection control measures have been raised to align with current protocols, and new seating has been installed for better patient comfort.

Dhiren Ganesh, senior strategy manager for NHSPS, said: “We are delighted to see Belmont Health Centre open after undergoing a much-needed refurbishment scheme.

“The health centre will now begin providing essential healthcare, which, in turn, will secure better health outcomes for the Harrow community.

“Belmont is a major hub in the local community and has been since 1970, but it was unfit-for-purpose.

“Therefore, we are excited to play a part in facilitating the refurbishment on behalf of NWL ICB and we look forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.”

Isha Coombes, borough director for NWL ICB, added: “Belmont Health Centre has long been an asset in the community providing health and care services to our residents of Belmont for many years.

“This refurbishment is part of our ongoing commitment to improving health outcomes in Harrow and we are thrilled to be able to provide patients with a larger, more-accessible facility that helps us deliver enhanced primary and community care services.”

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