Glenigan’s BI platform helps turn construction market trends into new opportunities

  • 13th February 2024

Powerful intelligence tool helps construction professionals harness actionable data insights to drive business growth

Glenigan, one of the UK’s leading providers of construction market intelligence, has launched ‘Analytix’, a self-serve business intelligence platform empowering construction professionals with data-driven insights to optimise decision-making and strategic planning.

A new platform within Glenigan’s suite of intelligence solutions, the innovative tool bridges the gap between data availability and actionable insights, helping contractors and suppliers make informed decisions that drive business growth.

For the first time, Glenigan Analytix addresses the persistent challenges faced by construction professionals, currently making strategic decisions based on fragmented or insufficient data.

Knowledge exchange

Customer-driven, intuitive, and user-defined, it provides subscribers with pre-built analytics and dashboards to gain valuable knowledge relating to historic planning applications, main contract awards, and starts on site.

Crucially, Glenigan Analytix also empowers construction leaders to gain a real-time understanding of market trends throughout all regions and sectors of the industry.

Key benefits include:

  • Access to comprehensive construction market data: Glenigan Analytix provides users with access to a comprehensive database of construction market data, including planning applications, contract awards, and project starts
  • Pre-built analytics and dashboards: It comes with a suite of pre-built analytics and dashboards that allow users to quickly and easily visualise and analyse construction market data
  • Self-service platform: Glenigan Analytix is a self-service platform that doesn’t require any technical expertise to use. This makes it an ideal solution for construction professionals who do not have the time or resources to learn complex data analysis tools
  • Real-time insights: It provides users with real-time insights into construction market trends. This allows users to make informed decisions about their businesses and stay ahead of the competition

Commenting on the launch, Russell Haworth, Glenigan’s chief executive, said: “Construction has a long-standing data problem.

“Traditionally, this has meant many sales and commercial teams have had to rely on siloed market data to inform business planning and decisions.

“Not only this, but organisations need the tools to adapt to today’s rapidly-changing and increasingly-fraught economy.

“Glenigan Analytix is the solution, providing access to the UK’s most-comprehensive and up-to-date sector data, creating a more efficient and insightful way to navigate the market.

“It streamlines workflows, breaks down data barriers, and speeds up the decision-making process.”

He added: “Glenigan Analytix is set to undergo rapid development throughout 2024, expanding its capabilities to include forecasting and future trend identification.

“This enhanced functionality will meet our clients’ needs and more, empowering them to make better, more-informed decisions based on real-time data-driven insights, helping them stay a step ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving market.”

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